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Dungeon Design Part 1

 Our intrepid party entered the dungeon. Jarsala, the Wood-elf warrior, took the lead.  She held her longbow at the ready, her keen eyes easily piercing the darkness.  Following close behind were her companions; Klk, a bird-like Aarakocra and student of lethal martial arts; Azeria, a shape-shifting Changeling and agent of the Count who had sent them on this quest; Bildorf, a man with great skills of magical and mechanical artifice, and Ser Dunstan, a Paladin sworn to the druids of the Oaken Circle. As they descended slime-slick stairs, they all strained their senses for the slightest hint of danger.  The Shrine of Anaximander was built by a famously cunning Wizard, and was infamous for the cunning traps it housed.  Yet it was likely from this ancient prison that their common foe, Sithidis the Conqueror Worm had escaped.  If any evidence remained that would help them against their adversary, they would find it. A faint glow lit the chamber at the bottom of the stairway, and the companio
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GM's Notes 1: Exploring Settings

Welcome!   Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be showing into a bit of my world-building process, and exploring in depth some of the custom settings that I can bring to your tabletop! To start out, I'd like to give something of an overview, to showcase the wide variety of genres of levels of weirdness and unique atmospheres that Tales of Dice and Magic can bring to your games. Having a cohesive setting is one of the more daunting challenges a Game Master faces.  The players can choose to go anywhere, and do anything.  Sure, you can nudge them along towards the adventure you have planned, and most good groups are going to be willing to work with you on that... but having an open world for them to explore, with meaningful choices for them to make is going to make for a much more enjoyable game.  So it pays off to have a decent idea of what your setting is.  That is not to say that you need to have every corner of a world fully planned and developed before a game starts!  That&